Sunday, March 9, 2008

You should first probably understand the best genre to try as beginning author. There are several to probe: article, blog, press release. In our opinion you should try blogging first:

1. Blogging restrictions. There are none known so far, assuming you are addressing normal auditorium. Blog allows you to give some output to your emotions and not necessary be objective in your news. You can support your blog with photo and video or movie clip materials, where your media portal accepts these and experiment with audio files, however audio message could be incorporated into your video rollick

2. Article. This genre has more restrictions, and it is required to be objective, bringing new discovery, knowledge or experience to the auditorium. These potential drawbacks actually allow you to capitalize on the article syndication. Yes, article is syndicated, while blogs are typically placed on one site, where you publish them

3. Press Release, or PR. This genre allows you to place more advertisement info into your news than article (blog doesn’t typically allows ads, however you may try to experiment with your media portals). Press Release is probably not something that you write as novice author, and you should first concentrate on blogging and articles

4. Video and Photos. As new technology permits, we really recommend you to start your writing career with movie clips and pictures, which will support our news and you will get higher internet rankingFind Article, if you deploy these nice and easy technologies